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Green Eggs Learning Activities by Sarah - Homeschool Teacher

Updated: May 29, 2023

If you haven't heard, there's a new Dr. Seuss cartoon these days. Netflix's Green Eggs & Ham has my kids running around pretending to be Sam and Guy. It seemed a perfect theme for school one week. As it turns out, Ms. V has multiple copies of this book which is a favorite.

Of course the children know the story and can quote a lot of it, but that doesn't mean we don't reread it. They loved getting to hold their own copy of Green Eggs and Ham.

While thrifting, Ms. V came across a vintage Green Eggs and Ham board game and had stashed it away. (Again, this is a favorite book of a lifelong educator. She knew it would be useful one day.) My children were excited to play the game which emphasized rhyming. To be honest, the boys found the directions a little complicated, so we modified the game to be played at their level.

Instead of using a typical sensory bin for this theme, I made green eggs out of baking soda, food dye, and water. I simply mixed the green food coloring and water together. Then I slowly added the baking soda until it held its shape like wet sand. Then I used plastic Easter eggs to form the mixture. Using droppers, I let the kids drop vinegar onto the eggs. The fizzing and melting of the "eggs" was a big hit.

Next, we let the kindergartener play a game with word families. Ms. V had made green hams with word endings printed on them. Then there were corresponding green eggs with words on them. The goal was to sort the ham and eggs together and read the related words. It was good to reinforce rhyming and patterns.

Last, but not least - we used slime and green Easter eggs to let them play with green eggs. Letters or numbers could be placed in the eggs or buried in the slime. I wish I had placed the first letters of some of the words from the previous Egg and Ham families activity in the eggs and had my son build words. Instead, it was clear the children were reaching their limit, and we just let them have their own way with the slime.

Of course, what's a theme without a treat? I made some vanilla pudding, added green dye and green M&M's, and served my own version of green eggs to the kids. Sadly, it didn't go over well. They did not like them, not one little bit.

Luckily, my Ms. V had prepared much more appetizing green egg cookies which went over much better. She used green and white icing on chocolate chip cookies. Aren't they cute?

The theme was a success and everyone seemed to have a great time. As with every week, there were clear hits (foaming eggs) and misses (green pudding). With Dr. Seuss's birthday coming up, this is a fun theme to explore and I'm sure we will revisit it!

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