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3 Tips on How to Teach Bible Vocabulary Words

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Bible vocabulary words are especially difficult for little learners. Below are three tips that will assist little learners in remembering words.

  1. include pictures with words

  2. repeat words often

  3. teach words in the context of a story

A popular vocabulary activity is called Write the Room. It's a perfect way to let little learners use their energy to explore the room.

Simply print, cut, and laminate the vocabulary flash word cards and then print a sheet with the pictures to use as a recording sheet. Place word cards around the room. Learners will walk with a clipboard around the room to find and write the vocabulary words that match the pictures on their picture recording sheet.

These vocabulary activity sheets are part of a comprehensive Good Samaritan Lesson which includes fluency passages, sight words, and comprehension activities.

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