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Hands-On | Good Shepherd Sensory Bin | Numbers 1 - 20 Math Activities

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Sensory bins can be anything - shoe boxes, tubs, really any large container. I chose a large red plastic platter for my Good Shepherd sensory bin. What goes in the sensory bin should go with your theme. I chose rocks, blocks, and a green place mat for my shepherd and sheep. Also, glued some popsicle sticks together for a fence. Threw in some numbers and my little ones were ready for a sensory learning experience.

Supplies for shepherd and sheep.

Supplies for sensory bin.

LEARNING SKILLS: fine motor (tracing, writing, coloring), one to one correspondence, number recognition, matching quantities, counting, ten frame, number bonds (whole to parts), graphing, comparing


Super simple template that doesn't overwhelm little ones. Print the template on cardstock because the cotton balls can be a little heavy. Have little ones color certain parts or leave completely white. They can stretch or leave cotton balls round as they glue them on the template. Little ones will try to put the glue on the cotton ball which is a mess. The purple glue sticks work best because they can see where they spread the glue on the template.

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